• Maria Livingston

    September 2, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    So Navy spent the night in his kennel by the bed – no more furniture for him. We have so far controlled everything but that, so it’s the last piece. I also took him for his training walk before breakfast. That did not make a huge difference – he is not hugely food motivated, but he did very well and started the heeling/treat factory behind leg sooner than yesterday. We also got farther down that street. At some point a car door slammed and I noticed he took a very fearful position.

    So I watched the Ethology Breeds lesson and had a few comments/questions. 1. Yes please do a full lesson on the Bully breeds!! 2. Are there particular types of testing you do for a dog to see their defensive behavior and predatory sequence?  Any videos of that?

    3. I have  8 dogs currently, all mutts and have DNA tested them all but Navy (that is coming this week). Of the 8, 3 are family, a mother and 2 half siblings. I have 5 siblings and adopted 3 out. Genetics were so interesting on those dogs the wisdom panel geneticist called me. It’s been interesting seeing the pups mature and their traits develop. That could be a whole post. It’s not often a mutt family like this is put under the loop and tracked throughout their lives.

    4. On Navy, I find it interesting that he is very strong on the defensive side, to be expected, but it occurred to me that he has a lot of herding behavior. He tracks some, but not overwhelming I think but he is very strong on eye/stalk/grab/shake. He will sit in the yard and just stare at stuff. He is visually very strong, he noticed colors like bright flowers, he noticed cows vs horses in the field, differences in landscape when we drive. He’s also on the softer side I’d say. He is also quite fearful of sounds and environments he does not know. Any input on that? It just seems he is a bit of everything…