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  • Dave Page

    December 13, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Thought I would update this portion. From trial and error from his behavior, and conjecture it seems it has been a 3 fold issue.

    Fear of being taken somewhere strange, and left again. Hoping to be returned home, and dog parks. Think the poor guy was stressing over what’s next and what he is supposed to do.

    Took him for a 4 hour round trip to work heavy with him. Reassurance, redirection, and giving an out, such as laying down to alleviate his stress.

    He did much better on the way back, even being put in the topper part of the trip. The days I have taken him to work with me since his “stress” has been about a third what it was before the trip.

    Most of this morning he laid in the seat until we got to town. When he looking if he sees certain, to him, familiar looking vehicles, such as one like he was used to he starts getting a happy wag in his tail. Calmed down once out of town.

    Old part of town, or a fenced business with plants, get him, overly excited and looking for other dogs.

    Going to keep working on maintaining a down while driving so he will have something to focus on.