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  • Dave Page

    December 11, 2018 at 10:53 pm

    I tried to give an acquaintance of ours a ride on the cart a few days ago. While getting him dressed in his harness she walked up and he almost lost it.

    I had to give him a heel and sit command to keep him from going after her. The only other time he has acted that way since I have had him was the vets office.

    Put him up. Taking all the self-control he has learned to maintain his sit.

    On the jobs with me, past few days he hasn’t acted that way toward anyone.

    With my wife as long as she is standing or sitting he is perfectly happy, other than petting him she hasn’t worked with him, and we found out this evening she can’t lean over him and place both hands on him, nor squat down in front of him, and try to touch him without his hair starting to raise. She was trying to check his leg. Nothing wrong with it.

    Wasn’t expecting it and I had to give the enough command.

    Although it has taken a while I have progressed to just about be able to do anything with him.