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  • George Halet

    October 1, 2018 at 10:51 am

    Thanks Mike for the advice! I’ll ask at the shelter if they know of any citronella spray around here. In the case where I was bitten, my mistake was not realizing that I should have watched my back. I was not thinking of how my actions would appear to a dog. I was in full ape mode  😉

    Two of the Gang of 4 will come within a few feet of me know to take treats (diced hot dogs). I toss the treats where I want to them to be and don’t do it for very long each time. The one that bit me just barks from a distance mostly,  although he has started taking the odd treat.
    This group also hassles people riding by on scooters and the Thais take it with very good humor, although I have heard that biting, especially of kids, is a capital crime and will result in poisoning.

    None of them have ever come anywhere close to confronting me when I walk towards them while giving them the eye (like what you advise in the video “Info BEFORE you train an aggressive dog”).

    As far as giving strokes, I am definitely not forcing myself on even the friendly dogs that welcome me. If they show any apprehension, I just stick to letting them sniff me. I do let most of them lick my face in greeting if they choose to, but never approach my face to theirs. Only the dogs near my room and in the shelter are confident enough to do this – the actual street dogs rarely approach me.