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  • Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 30, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Hi George,

    Yes, it sounds most likely like territorial aggression and perhaps protective/fear aggression when you were aiding the dog in the fence.

    It does sound like you need to be careful around some of these dogs.  It is always good to have mutual respect, but a street dog that bites innocent humans may not last very long before someone hurts or kills the dog.

    I agree that it may be worth a try to toss some food at the most aggressive dogs since it may help if the aggression is mostly fear based.  I would avoid trying to stroke any that are tentative.

    There is a product in the US called spray shield that works pretty well at deterring most fearful dogs and is harmless and painless.  I have used it many times on loose dogs that have approached aggressively.  You just shoot directly at the nose and gives most dogs instant respect for your space without harm.  They just don’t like the sudden stream of citronella hitting with such force and suddenly.

    You may have something equivalent near you.