• Dave Page

    July 28, 2018 at 12:47 am

    Hello Judy,

    Thanks for your informative post.

    I wanted to wait and see how things progressed before posting a follow up.

    One or two weeks after writing this he did wean himself off the bed completely. Even at that time he wouldn’t lay in it for more than maybe 30 minutes. His body language kept saying I don’t belong here. and got to where it made him too uncomfortable to try anymore.

    It’s not that I want dogs sleeping in bed.

    It would be an interesting study to find out what makes a dog continue sleeping in a bed when the natural progression for puppies is to move out of “moms” dog house naturally, and desire their own space, which should apply to pups and their owners as well.

    It’s been a rare occurrence for me to see two dogs sleeping close, even if it was a female and her 6 month old pup.