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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    May 8, 2018 at 2:17 am

    Hi Dave, it may be time to teach your dog control training of obedience and to not correct the aggression but give alternative command/behaviour for your dog to do. Instead correct your dog for not doing the command/behaviour and not for showing the aggression. A dog cannot do both behaviour be aggressive and do alternative behaviour/command. With protection dogs they need to learn drills that you are in control of when he is allow to be aggressive and when he is not. I do a car drills with my protection dog Ara and the only time she is allow to show aggression is on my command or when I’m being threatened. Here a vid of a car rage drill using a hidden sleeve I do with Ara but please note my dog is tie on a leash in the car for the decoy safety. Of course Ara has gone through the complete protection dog training phrases to reach this level in her protection work. Please don’t attempt doing this until you have done all the phrases of training shown here on this site and have gone to a professional dog trainer who specialises in protection dog training. Hopefully Mike will chime in with his advice. I’m not a dog trainer and am giving you information on what I learnt to do with my own protection dog. I just like to mention too with regards to using the vibration function of the ecollar that I was taught to use the vibration as a conditioned reinforcer as a cue through it being a marker of a reward is coming and the stim as the aversive if a refusal does occur. (this pager (vibration) method is a 3mth programme I learnt as I’m interested in learning to teach deaf dogs too) I was never taught to use the vibration function to be a correction and found the pager method meant I rarely ever have to use the stimulus of the ecollar in my training but it is there only as a backup in emergency.