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  • Walter Lucchesi Lucchesi

    November 28, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Dear Michael, thank you for your answer.

    Leo is fed with 600 g Natural Instinct raw (80% meat, bones, carrots apples and vitamin C) and 100 g Aatu dry, daily. We sometimes supply vegetables from our food, like green beans, crougettes or carrots.

    Months ago he was tested positive for campylobacter and received a long course of antibiotics after which was retested clean.

    I know for certain, that his first owner was leaving him on his own eating shrubs in the garden and even children antibiotics so when I got him his tummy was just poorly (but now it seems just fine). The other thing I mentioned and I noticed even this morning, is that this behaviour escalate when dogs are around, which makes me think to an anxiety issue or mixed of the 2.

    I would like also clarify that the dog is very trained and we do all sort of routines and play when out. But when he gets into that zone is just misery.

    Thank you!