• Judy B.

    November 26, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Hi Stuart,

    It’s absolutly acceptable to encourage her with a treat. She’s a new addition and she needs time to bond with you and learn that you have her best interest in mind as well. Making the walks on the leash a positive thing will help. If she is reluctant to walk on the leash with you definitely try to encourage her the best you can and when she does start walking even for a few seconds give her lots of praise and throw in some treats right now too. You can thin out the treats and put her on a variable reward schedule later on one she gets comfortable walking with you on the leash too. Other things to consider are, this is a new environment for her she may be unsure of New things and may have some fears. You also mentioned prior training. She may possibly be making bad associations with the walks. How was she trained to walk on the leash before? What types of collers were used when she went on walks before? What type of collar are you walking her on now? Is it different or unfamiliar? Is it actually uncomfortable for her to walk on the leash? What is her perception of the walks? Are the good, is she used to getting mostly discipline on her walks from her prior training? Or is she just simply just being stubborn or bossy and trying to play the leadership role in deciding when she’s ready to travel. Idk for sure because I’m not seeing this first hand but these types of things are all good things to pay attention to and try to trouble shoot. Why doesn’t she want to walk? What is her motivation to want to walk with you, a new person in her life? I would give it some time, bond with her as much as you can and keep things positive and motivational right now. Try to make things a good experience for her and teach her right now that the world is generally a good place. As always….also be sure to go over the leadership section of the site again and start working on good leadership ….teach her that you will provide her with the things she needs in life so she will never feel the need to have to solicit it from you or feel like she has to make her own decisions for her. Don’t rush anything with her, bond, take your time with her and just be her teacher. Let us know how things go. Keep us posted on your progress!!!