• Dave Page

    November 10, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    Energy levels? LoL. Doesn’t matter what time of day. Just as long as he is awake. I let him and Lexi play this morning and he had a lot of exercise before we left this morning and it didn’t help.

    I did let Ace out at the job with my helper there. Ace went straight for his ankles. More like he saw him as a chew toy, lol. Not in a vicious way, just very rough grabbing (herding dog).  After I told Ace no he no longer tried to engage him.

    As for barrier frustration, I agree. Not sure what kind, I get him lots of exercise,  as Ace was leaning out the truck window at lumber yard once and someone attempted to pet him. When they reached toward him he had pulled his head back inside the cab. I caught the guy and stopped him as his hand crossed the window area. Couldn’t see much of Ace but fact he was no longer leaning out said something to me. And the fact the guy was trying to get Ace to sniff him instead of just reaching to pet him first  I took as Ace’s body language being not too desirous to engage with the guy, and his earlier behavior made the guy cautious. Had to get irate to get the guy to quit. (Pet peeve, reaching into the cab, or bed of my truck.)

    This evening he wasn’t quiet as bad. He actually just watched as my brother got out of the truck with two of his friends there, until one kind of leaned in and waved. Ace started in.