• Davis Tran

    October 1, 2017 at 3:28 am

    I went back to read your first post and missed the part of him barking at anything that he doesn’t like on top of the “way” he have bitten.

    From the barking description as well as him being described as “wild and untrained” it sounds like there is a huge imbalance in your relationship.

    Please also check out the leadership page


    Having the correct relationship, leadership, and pack structure goes a long way in changing your dogs behavior.


    This also leads me to believe perhaps there is also some dominance aggression going on?

    I originally was only concerned and focused on his sound sensitivity making me only think of fear aggression, but after re-reading your post and the way you described how he bites, it sounds to me like it can perhaps be a “correction” bite. Which is not meant to injure, but only correct hence no one has a serious injury. The right to “correct”of course is a trait of dominance.

    Hard to say because I cannot see the whole picture, but just wanted to correct myself and throw in that possibility.

    Hopefully Mike or someone else can also chime in!

    But please do include more information if possible since it’ll give everyone a better picture.