• Dave Page

    September 21, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    I’m not old school yank and crank nor do i believe in beating on them. Never have been even when I trained my first one a long time ago for i feel it fosters distrust.

    (For refernce: to me sharp and hard correction are different depending how it affects the dog. First dog I ever trained couldn’t stand it if I talked to him, even softly, like I was upset with him. If I were to gently tap him with a finger and speak to him like i was upset he would whine and if he could reach it lick it like it was an open wound. He was NEVER beat or abused. To me that was a sharp correction for him. He wasn’t a timid dog. He was hardcore stock dog.That same dog backed up a grown man he thought was meant me trouble.)

    Referencing Ace, sharp doesn’t mean hard correction. More of a pattern interupt (theory working on.) which comes as a suprise and gets the attention. I have backed up with him in some areas and advanced in others. He was corrected more for his biting. I see i haven’t been thorough in my journals.

    He has surprised me how well he holds heel, sit and down, even amid distractions of people in businesses I take him in.

    He learned all without Any corrections. Just encouragement unless one considers leash pumps for the heel corrections.

    He is with me all day, when he isnt asleep, or im working with Luke in the evenings, all our interactions are some type of playful training.

    Lexi: very high prey drive. Ex: her sister (same age) was found in the rafters of a barn after a cat. After falling out of the rafters she climbed right back up a shelf into the rafters again before they could grab her. She was walking open rafters.

    I keep going over everything I can to see what we missed with her to avoid having to use harsh corrections. She is perfect in an environment of no distractions.  Get her around something she wants she will hit the end of the leash even when she knows she is wearing a prong collar if you’re not ready and it won’t hardly phase her.  A bunch of kittens have shown up at our place. Never know where they are going to be.

    With Luke, although I didn’t document it all, I followed foundation style phase 1-3, No harsh corrections, and he is the most reliable on his obedience for a 10month old I have ever had. Unless it involves a skunk. 🙁