Pit Bull Terrier


Nova is my first dog, my soul dog, my teacher, and the one that led me on this journey to becoming a dog trainer.

She was originally rescued by her former owners but because the relationship did not work out I got her through craiglist from the couple when she was about 1.5 years old and she have been with me ever since. She is a Pit mix, but with what I have no idea.

She is a reflection of me in so many ways. Very calm, quiet, and mellow but when she steps foot in the woods or hiking trail she becomes confident, alive, and free.


Even though Nova already know most of her basic obedience commands on and off leash (sit, down stay, recall, loose leash walking) my training goal with her is to polish up on our obedience reliability as well as our line of communication by transitioning her to the Foundation Style training and communication system. We also need to work on formal heel since I have never taught her that. Lastly, is to continue her dog-dog socialization in a healthy manner. Polite greetings when appropriate off leash and good arousal management on leash when other dogs are present close by.


    1. Thanks Scott! Without her I definitely would not be on this “dog training journey” I owe her everything.

      Will do, been so busy lately but will start updating her journal soon.

      Happy training! 🙂

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