Protection – Catching, Bark and Holds, Article Guard, Escorts

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  1. Now a Question? What do you think about the idea of teaching the dog 2 levels before bite.
    1- LOOK. Fixing the attention of the dog to the suspect or object NO barking ready and observe what we indicate ready to bite.
    2-WATCH. The dog is turn on and barks more ready exited to bite.
    Teaching LOOK can be useful to have a dog ready to attack-bite BUT in silent steal mode. From LOOK he is ready and can go for attack-bite. This way we have 2 modes
    1-The dog can go to bite from WATCH (barking exited mode) to bite..
    2-From WATCH barking turn on (most common) he also ready to bite
    3-We can combine the two : LOOK then WATCH
    then BITE. LOOK then bite.
    Just an idea I have not train this way. But I did one dog only that LOOK and bite. No barking. Unless he was alone in the property .
    Do you think is bad to teach silent watch by command in a protection dog. ?
    What could be Cons or Pros? Thank you