Working K9 Organizations

American Mantrailing, Police & Work Dog Association

  • Training and certification for both law enforcement and hobbyists
  • Holds 2 week-long seminars a year

American Working Dog Association

  • Certifies police and search and rescue teams
  • Seminars and workshops across the US and abroad

Canine Accelerant Detection Association

  • Certifies canine teams for fire departments, law enforcement and private sector to detect a variety of ignitable liquids

Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime

  • Holds seminars for law enforcement
  • Holds anti-drug presentations for youth

International Police Work Dog Association

  • Membership and certification organization

Military Working Dog Team Support Association

  • Resource for American military working dogs and their handlers

National Police Bloodhound Association

  • Seminars and certification on the use of Bloodhounds in law enforcement

National Police Canine Association

  • Holds regional and national canine training seminars
  • Offers certification for law enforcement canine teams

National Narcotic Detection Dog Association

  • Provides training for the utilization of scent detector dogs for law enforcement and the private industry

National Tactical Police Dog Association NTPDA

  • Offers certification for patrol, narcotics, explosives, trailing and article search
  • Membership for law enforcement and private police dog trainers

North American Police Work Dog Association

  • Conducts workshops for training and legal updates

Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines

  • Partnership of local, state, federal and international agencies tasked with establishing best practices for detection teams

United Police and Corrections K-9 Association Inc.

  • Offers support and educational seminars
  • Holds annual certification trials

United States Police Canine Association

  • Training and certifying police dogs for general patrol dog use, tracking, protection, narcotic detection, explosive detection, arson, fish and game and search and rescue.

United States War Dog Association

  • Membership site to support military dogs and their handlers

World Detector Dog Organization

  • Offers certification and resources for narcotics, cadaver, bed bugs, explosive, termite, accelerant and mold detection