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  • Please Click Here and Read First Before Posting

    Posted by Michael D'Abruzzo on January 19, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    This community if for people who want to learn, help, exchange ideas, and enjoy the world of dog training.  There are also plenty of tools and growing resources to help make it easier to do so.  Proper conduct here will help keep it that way.

    1.  Any issues concerning the site can be placed in the forums or in the contact form if it is something not relating to the function of the site.  Littering the feeds, forums, or chat boxes with complaints and rude behavior will result in immediate removal from the community.

    2. Everyone treats each other with courtesy and respect here.  Help, get help, collaborate, or form groups with those who have similar interests as you.  Anything less than respectful interaction is not tolerated on these forums or chat boxes.  There are plenty of free dog training forums where people can go to argue, but this one will remain a safe place.  Trolls and obnoxious posters will be booted.

    3. This is a propaganda free zone. “Science based” dog training discussion must really be SCIENCE based.  Putting  political correctness before the truth is not welcome here and will confuse those who are here to learn.  Propaganda pushers will be removed.

    4. There is information on this site about training dogs for protection and other forms of bite work.  Anyone that is not reflecting responsibility in their discussion or knowingly not following proper steps to ensure safe control of any protection trained dogs will be removed from the community.

    More information on conduct can be found in the terms of service.

    Please have fun and enjoy the community!

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