• Teresa Stanczak

    January 22, 2012 at 4:56 am

    You can start distraction at any Phase as long as the dog has a clear understanding of the command. Depending on the issues of the dog you may choose to wait until phase 2 or 3 once correction is learned.

    If you introduce distraction in phase 1, make sure the level of distraction starts low, and use negative punishment. No reward unless the dog performs the exercise properly.
    You can even reward the dog with the distraction when appropriate. Example. Dog must remain in a sit for petting by stranger. If dog gets up repeat command, And guide back I to a sit using body language, luring etc. When dog stays in sit in presence of person release dog to vet pet by other person
    In phase 2 and 3 once the correction is learned and understood, use correction ( Ie. starmark collar ) etc to keep the dog in command