• Michael D'Abruzzo

    December 8, 2009 at 1:17 am

    There is a lot you can do at this age, but I wouldnt start on anything that involves any type of exercises that involves correction until closer to 6 months of age and even then be sure to always use the minimal amount necessary.

    At this age i would recommend:

    1. Lots of socialization! The more good experiences with dogs and different people the better. Stay up to date on vaccines and also bring to different environments with different walking surfaces, etc.

    2. Work on positive based training. You will be amazed at the vocabulary you can build at this age with your pups and the amount of commands you can teach them using food, toys, or affection as a reward. This will give you a huge head start when they arer a bit older and ready to do more formal training.,

    3. Work on proper play and interaction exercises. Lead games of tug, fetch, etc. Dont give affection when they are jumping on you. Set the pace through leadership exercises.

    4. If doing leash walking out and about in public I would recommend the gentle harness made by premier that hook on the front of the chest. They are safe and will help prevent very bad pulling habits until ready for formal training.

    5. Puppy massage important now too. IO have to post info and a vid on this still, but the concept is simple. Handle all those annoying places on a dog that may irritate them as they get older – ears, feet, teeth, etc. Give treats and make it positive from an rearly age.

    I will be continually adding to the self help section of the site. The more you master the concepts (especially layer 5!) the better at this age.

    hope this helps.