• Jacol123

    January 24, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for the answer. Today Bono will have orchidectomy. He will be castrated. And this is very important point in his rehabilitation.
    I have studied very carefully all materials about aggressive behaviour rehabilitation, and I agree with your point of view.
    Last few days Bono refused to get into the crate. He didn’t want to eat anything in the crate, and he preferred starving to eating. He also tried to take his muzzle off. Now Dorota is incorporating all important things concerning her leadership and is trying to establish proper relationship with this dog. We have given up crate training so far. Bono simply is afraid of this crate and we wouldn’t like to give him more stress. Instead of that we avoid confrontations, and exerts management: Bono has no access to the furniture, no free access to bed. During feeding time Dorota leaves him alone, and immediately removes a bowl when Bono finishes eating. Now we need some time after operation for Bono to recover. We are planning to start with basic training probably next week.
    Concerning clicker training. This movie was taken when I was in the house of former Bono owners. I tried teach them how to replace confrontation with positive attitude. And now I agree with you. First we must establish good leadership and trust, then we can introduce more things, even clicker training. I look forward to your answer and I promise to take more movies from the rehabilitation process.
    Thank you for all your suggestions and help.
    Here you can see Bono just before the operation: