• Jacol123

    January 14, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Thank you for the answer. So, let me tell more about bite history and about previous accidents and reasons of putting the dog to the shelter and recommending to euthanize him.
    Bono is the male, no neutered golden retriever in the age of 18 months weight 44 kg (97 pounds). He was taken from the breeder in age of 8 weeks and growing with his family: 2 grandparents, 2 parents, and a young son (16 y.o).
    First time he showed the teeth in December 2008. After this accident (without hurting anybody) they have decided to train this dog in obedience in one of the private schools. Unfortunately the trainer in that school was incompetent. His pieces of advice concerning treating the dog were very dangerous and stupid. He told that if the dog is growling – they should grab his neck, throw the dog to the floor and shake him hard. Of course, they used prong collar too, to improve this effect of terror upon the dog.
    Few months later the dog started growling, when anybody put his hand towards him. Aside from growling, peeing appeared – the vicious scroll was rising up. The more he was feeling terrified – the more they were pushing him.
    Although the dog was under constant pressure, in every day situations he was left without any control. He could jump over the bed, jumped on the incoming people, etc.
    At the same time he had no free walking behind the fence, no exercises and building bond with his owners. All commands were given shouting and the people often loosed their temper. When the guests came to the house – dog had to be out. He was barking, scratching the door, peeing.
    First seriously bite happened in November 2009. A lady from the neighbourhood came to the house and said „hello” to the dog, shaking his paw. The dog has bitten her hand seriously. She had to go to the hospital to stitch the wounds.
    The owners asked me for consultation. I have seen the fearful and unsure dog, also conflicted between approach and avoidance. I showed the owners some exercises with clicker to redirect his attention, and associate the presence of human with pleasure, not with fear -You can see it on YT
    After I left the owner did nothing with the dog except more isolation and pressure.
    On the 29th of December the dog bit very seriously his owner (the lady). The circumstances were as usual: some guest were coming to the house. The dog was frustrated in the isolation. After they left- the owner brought the dog outside. The dog ran around her and jumped biting very hard her arm and hand. The lady had to go to the hospital. The doctor said that if she didn’t have a winter jacket – her arm would be damaged.
    After this accident the family decided to put the dog to the shelter and to put him to sleep. During rage observation in the shelter one of my colleagues – mrs Dorota decided to give this dog a second chance.
    Since yesterday the dog lives in her home with two other dogs – male golden retriever and female labrador.
    First hours in the new house shows that Bono has a good contact with other dogs, jumps immediately to the couch and defences food. As so far, Bono doesn’t like crate and avoids it. Yesterday evening he attacked Dorota. In the evening she was resting on the couch, and her dog Frodo was next to her. Bono approached and Dorota touched his neck gently. In one second Bono started to attack her and jump. Frodo (the second dog) defended his owner and disciplined Bono without any problem.
    I know that now the new dog is in totally new environment and he must have time do adopt in the new home. But now I’m concerning next steps to plan to rehabilitate him from aggression towards people.