• cmc1987

    May 25, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Hey Mike,
    First.. Thanks for the timely response. Once again, great site! Ok, so my pup is a 5 1/2 month old a.p.b.t., she is super smart and well balanced. She is what YOU call a WATCHER. She was potty trained with in three weeks! I work a great schedule for training, three days a week, so for the first three weeks it was intense watching and training. Both positive and negetive motivation was used. NO! when she started to go and GOOD GIRL! when she went outside. Now she simply walks to the back door and sits. Crateing is used at night. My wife and child take part in everything as well. We all have sat down and read and watched many videos on your site, it has helped them tons. I had a.p.b.t.’s in the past so training is familiar to myself. The real eye opener was the basics i missed in the past. I.E… the eye contact training, the positive response to ANY and ALL things you want your dog to do. I.E…. the GOOD GIRL when she laid down and quit whining in the crate the first week.
    My questions are…1. When should i start strict training?.. As in I dont have a designated space solely for training. Sweet Pea stays inside and my yard is full of distractions. I no that training starts from the get go and we have its just sometimes Sweet Pea isnt focused and i feel thats cause she is in her same enviornment. I take advantage of all motivational times. I.E… when we are out for walks and she really wants to pull or go, I stop. Call her name. And do so until she turns and makes eye contact. Right as she does she is free to run.
    2. When should I begin with the pinch collar? I use positive motivation at first to get her used to what i want, and now i just say no, command, no, correction (which is tug on normal collar or snap my fingers to get attention), then sometimes no again, but most of the time (75%) she will respond. I feel that i would get faster and better results with the pinch.
    I could go on for days as you imagine, but those are my big questions now. I have seen a trend that in most videos or articles the dogs are between 1-2 years old. Maybe im just trying to much to soon??
    Thanks again, Chris