• jokowalczyk

    August 8, 2010 at 1:59 am

    Hey there Mike,

    thanks for your help on the distraction topic, we are doing well so far with the heel and distractions mostly on the pinch collar…

    So we have a lab on hand and I wanted to know if he is ever going to grow out of the food obsession. I train him in the house now for place and bring him in as much as possible. He is restricted to the mudroom and the kitchen and we do spend time mostly in the kitchen if we are not outside. We do have two small children so stuff gets dropped off the table all the time. He Buddy is obsessed with every little crumb on the floor ( I do keep the floor quite clean). If I leave anything within his reach it becomes his mission to get it. I don’t think he is hungry cause we feed him well and treat train as well. I was going to get him checked for worms to see if that would help. I have heard that labs are ‘stomachs’ but does it last forever..?? he used to eat veggies straight out of my garden but thanks to the dogtra god he does not enter it anymore…fresh onions, garlic peas you name it…vegetarian at heart….
    Any suggestions.