• Teresa Stanczak

    December 10, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Using only a reward based system is not a bad thing. It just has it’s limitations. We have found that the gentle correction used in phase 2&3 increases reliability in situations where it is necessary to maintain a well controlled dog, ie aggression.

    See how your training sessions go with the new trainer. Desensitizing and counterconditioning is always beneficial, so I can’t see how it would hurt if the trainer is knowledgable. And you can certainly do no harm to your dog by trying her methods. The risk lies in whether Manny continues to be aggressive in situations , where potential harm could come to other dogs.

    I would continue following the videos in the self help section to progress through phase 2&3 on your own. If your trainer is open minded they should not be averse to you using this method in addition to their training. Perhaps you could show how correction is given gently and with a specific command structure to help the dog avoid correction.

    Best of luck, and keep is updated!