• SueMcGauley

    January 31, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Hi and thanks, yes she is very well exercised both by walks and playtime. I started crate training her at 8wks and fed her in the crate as well as treats. I put her in the crate every day regardless of whether I was home and she slept in a crate every night. The first few weeks were brutal, howling etc. but we got through it. I stopped feeding her meals in the crate at 4 months but she does get a kong or marrow bone. She is so well behaved in the house that recently on days when I’m home I haven’t been crating her. If i needed to I would tether her but truth be told she doesn’t really leave whatever room I’m in. On the days that I crated her, she was fine. It is only since I have allowed her to sleep outside the crate at night that she doesn’t want to be in it during the day. I can still lure her in with a kong but my husband tells me she howls for awhile when its finished, but then settles. She has never gone in her crate voluntarily to nap or anything else, in fact if she wants a bone from in there she will quickly grab it and run out as fast as possible lest someone shut the door on her!
    On a good note, she is doing really really well sleeping out of the crate.