• SueMcGauley

    January 24, 2012 at 3:42 am

    Ok so last night didn’t go so well. At 3am she jumped on the bed and when I got her off I tried to put her back in the crate and she wouldn’t get in. Andy wanted to force her into the crate but I didn’t like that idea so we went downstairs where she willingly went into the larger crate and I slept on the couch. Typically I don’t have time to lie down during the day to test it out. But today I had 30 mins where I laid down and she laid on the blankets on the floor. she’s fine for an hour or so but ant make the whole night and tempers flare at 3am. The crate is 36long and she is fitting but has to duck her head when she sits. I’m going to crate her in it tonight to make up some list sleep while I plan my next move. I know it’s a bit small but if she can turn around I should be ok for another couple of nites