• TheRookie

    October 1, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    ha ha, now i regret tossing a lot of elk i had in my fridge. just took up too much space. and my wife didnt like it. except for the ground elk that make great tacos, spaghetti and anything else youd use ground beef for. its so lean that they add a little bit of beef to give it just a little fat….

    i dont like venison that much myself, but im sure the pups would!

    im also thinking about maybe giving them some coyote some time. i just dont know if i trust it without having someone process it for me (i dont know all what they do). Yotes carry all kinds of stuff i wouldnt want my dog to have. But i would imagine freezing for the proper length of time would kill most parasites and other bad stuff….

    plus it would just weird me out knowing that im feeding my dog a dog. kinda creepy.