• TheRookie

    October 9, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    @Mike D’Abruzzo 464 wrote:

    lol! yeah man, might as well go on a cat fancy and rescue forum and post a photo of a bobcat you shot too!

    Beautiful pups by the way! Works out great if you are a hunter and feed raw!

    That WOULD be funny. Thanks for the complements on the dogs. They are great and so so fun. Now i know all dogs are good dogs with the right owners, but with what I’ve learned from you guys, me and my family spending time with my dogs teach them their place in the the family (basically they get to enter the home after us etc..), and them being so smart, it is just a great experience being a new dog owner (did i mention im still overcoming my K9 allergies to have dogs?)

    I obviously work with my dogs during training sessions, but i think there is so much to be said for spending as much time with them during daily life. They learn pretty much all day long. they spend about 60 percent of their time with us, whether it’s inside the house or taking them out running errands (when practical) which I think is a great way to do “obedience maintenance” (and build their trust).