• maxlee

    February 1, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Hi Teresa,

    As stated that No is a conditioned punisher but will never correct the dog on the No command. When you said No follow by the given command and correct if the do does not comply. It goes like Jack-Sit-No-Sit-correct. In the long run the dog will disobey the obedient command (Sit) and will wait for the No in order to obey the obedient command (Sit).

    If No is a conditioned punisher should be as followed Jack-Sit (if no sit)- No-correct. This I think the dog will understand the No as a conditioned punisher cause No associated with a consequence the pinch or the electric shock this will made the dog says oh yeah sorry I must sit. Next time when the dog hear the Sit (if no sit)-No- the dog will say Oh yeah I know it and sit without being correct. Now the dog understand the No as a conditioned punisher. The dog must know phase 1 & 2 before phase 3. Correct if…………..