• maxlee

    January 14, 2013 at 4:18 am

    Thank you Teresa. Your replay makes sense when I slowly trying to digest every words said to the phase 2 correction for a Stand exercise.
    I agreed to the escape conditioning and when come to the escape conditioning the dog must understand what stand is all about, if not this kind of conditioning should not apply. This kind of conditioning tells the dog if you go against the stand cue you’ll be in trouble. When the dog understands the escape condition verywell we need the dog to comply the “NO” cue thats the avoidance training. This is real humane way this tells the dog if you hear the word No you must go back to what I’ve asked or you’ll be din trouble. Lovely I like it Thanks.

    Like to know how You stop the dog from moving forward from the stand to save from loosing minor deduction.Love to hear from your point of view Thanks

    @Teresa 1239 wrote:

    Hi and sorry for the delay in reply. I thought your question had been answered and didn’t see your most recent post.

    If you are looking for a way to do a phase 2 leash correction for stand:

    1) start out with escape conditioning – it will be helpful if you have already completed the Phase 2 climb to teach the command structure.
    – Using proper command structure ask your dog to stand using whatever method you have up until now. If they move out of the stand into a sit or a down use a forward leash pump while repeating the Stand command. If your dog does not move back into the stand within 2 seconds, use your hand under the belly to encourage him to stand while simultaneously applying the correction. Once in the standing position, stop all correction and praise your dog. As you see the dog responding more quickly to the leash correction, gradually phase out using your hand under the belly. You can start adding in the “No” when your dog is understanding the leash correction.

    2)move onto avoidance training once your dog is responding to the correction without the guidance of you hand and is starting to respond to the “No”
    Ask your dog to “stand” if not responding correctly the first time you ask or on the “No” then use a forward leash pump while repeating “Stand”.

    If your are trying to stop forward motion from the stand the technique would differ slightly

    hope this helps!