• maxlee

    January 1, 2013 at 7:44 am

    Hi Jose,
    Many thanks to the reply on Phase 2 training the Stand. Every one trainer have their method of training the Stand.
    My method of teaching the Stand definitely be based on phase 1 first. But I don’t used the verbal Stand to teach a green horn to do this exercise cause they don’t understand the English word of Stand. I’ll remain silent doing the luring with food under the dog chin when the dog tried to get the food which is under his chin, he will kick back and Stand, with timing I reward the stand. Every time I put my hand under his chin the dog will do the stand by himself, this is the time I will add verbal Stand as the dog kick back and Stand. By this time the dog understand the word Stand then I’ll do the shaping Stand. I’ll say Stand and wait for the dog to Stand if the dog don’t Stand within 3 second no reward (negative punishment) Next repetition I’ll say the word Stand and will guide him with my hand under his chin to make him Stand for success and keep on working the Stand until success. If the dog goes to the Sit or Down when I say Stand I’ll keep silent until the dog give me the Stand by himself to be rewarded.
    I asked for phase 2 training the Stand is to look for better and fast humane way to have a reliable Stand. am just looking for clear instruction for the dog to have a clear and easy way to understand our communication during teaching.