• Jose Moreno

    January 1, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Hey Maxlee,
    Ill chime in here with how to teach the stand.

    First off remember in foundation style it’s not a leash pop. Rather it is leash pumps. And remember to go through the transition sits and downs before expecting the dog to do a complete sit/down.

    As for the stand. Have you taught the stand in phase 1 using positive only? If so how did you do it? Taking your time with a command like “stand” in phase 1 pays off. Once the dog is doing it fluently in phase 1 it shouldnt be to hard to transition to phase 2.

    I teach a phase 1 stand from the front of the dog first. Its easier to communicate what you want that way. Give the command “stand” then with a treat press rather quickly into the dogs muzzle. Kind of like your shoving a treat into their mouth, only dont give them the treat until after theyve done the position. Thisll force their back legs to kick out. After some repetition in phase 1, phase 2 is easy.

    Give the command. If the dog doesnt stand simply act like your shoving a treat in their mouth only with no treat. If they decide to sit or down simply put your foot under their belly and point your toe up. Thatll force their hind legs to kick out.That is what I consider the correction. I dont really use leash pressure because it puts me in an awkward position, usually leaning over to apply backward pressure which would also force their back legs out. Ill see if i can post a video of my doing it tomorrow. It sounds a little complicated but really its easy.

    Happy New Year!