• Teresa Stanczak

    January 15, 2013 at 2:37 am

    Hi maxlee,

    If you have a dog who likes to step forward from the stand, you may want to start this exercise on a Climb table. This will limit the amount of motion. Remember to stick to the new command structure of “name”—>Command(Stand)—->”no”—-> “Stand”+leash pump.

    Remember to praise whenever your dog is doing the right thing!

    Put your dog in a stand on the climb table- If he steps forward and doesn’t respond to the “no” , repeat “Stand” and use a leash pump correction – but this time direct the leash backward, to counteract the forward motion.

    You can also do this for a stand in motion. Where you are walking and require the dog to halt at a Stand.

    I hope this explanation was clear
    We will try to get videos of this command up soon!