• ddpowell

    December 30, 2010 at 5:17 am

    That would make sense – although it’s not her high pitched bark now that i think about it (i think i know the one you’re talking about though). Compared with her guarding the house warning woof which is extremely low its only marginally higher than that. I guess what confuses me is the action i should take in the interim, do i walk away from the dog and remove her from the situation (is that negative reinforcement?) or do i make her deal with the dog and learn to stand by me and calm down? She isn’t phased by the leash or collar choking her so leash manners goes out the window when there’s a distraction, i can walk backwards saying her name, click, whistle, nudge her but she won’t look at me and just continues eyeballing the other dog. A mate (and avid Caeser M fan) suggested i turn my leash loop into a slip collar and put it high up the neck, behind the ears but that seems very harsh as it chokes her the instant it tightens.

    I just finished a session of doing heel inside our apartment as it’s a scorching 39C (102F) today, and she’s great indoors. i presume this or my courtyard is where i’m meant to keep it until phase 2. I’ll continue that, leash manners and climb until i move onto phase 2.

    If i invest in a pinch collar – can i walk her with it? or should it only be used in training environments?

    I’ll try to post a video soon!