• ddpowell

    December 27, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Very interesting! i’d never heard of that reaction so thanks for putting me at ease. This reaction however leads me to one more question. Despite her great disposition and submissive/friendly behaviour meeting dogs off leash. ON leash – we have the whole neighborhood convinced she’s a vicious killer! We’ve even had a lady say ‘Please dont let your dog eat mine’ as i approached….

    She will surge forward (i may even organise a video to show you the finer detail of her behaviour a little better), bark like a dog possessed, hackles up, pull with all her might in an attempt to get to the other dog. I can stand my ground fairly well and if i hold the leash extremely close and not let her move a bit like caeser Milan style, she will still be pulling and almost choking herself but she doesn’t bark and at least looks a bit less unruly.

    I’m not sure where this behaviour fits in the foundation training and it’s only random dogs she doesn’t know, so practicing with friend’s dogs doesn’t really work, she just pulls to get to them but without the aggressive looking behaviour. Is this leash related? i know if i let her off the leash she’d just want to play. The general public don’t know that though 🙁