November 26, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Well, now at work we are keeping her tethered to the door so she can meet the grooming dogs as they come in and out but not rough house with them.
    Whenever she is playing w/ the Boston now….she is ferocious after a bit and really bites him to where he is yelping. He keeps going over to her to start wrestling though.

    She is still VERY mouthy w/ any new people (even though she has gotten better about doing it to me).

    So far my plan is to not let them wrestle (when I can) and to keep her tethered to me or in a crate.
    We are practicing seated greetings while she is tethered.

    I plan to wait until she is 4.5 months to take her back to class….at that age she can go into the Family Dog 1 class where there is no free roaming playtime.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks, Crystal