• netnurse31

    November 3, 2011 at 1:23 am

    Thanks for your response Teresa!

    We have been working with them just as you explained and it has gotten somewhat better. The puppy does go down on her front legs as you explained and it does seem like she wants to play. Every once and a while she will lunge and she will aim at her face. I certainly don’t want either dog to get hurt. The Maltese does growl at her at times which is understandable. The problem is the puppy doesnt usually back off when she does this (I wish she would!) When they are interacting they both have their tails up. It seems as though neither one of them wants to be the submissive one. My bedroom is my Maltese’s haven. The puppy isn’t allowed in my room. When no one is home, the puppy is taken downstairs and kept in my son’s apartment ( I have a mother/daughter set up in my home)., for safety. I don’t trust them together without supervision but I long for the day that it is possible.

    I have a friend who had great success with a training class that PetSmart offers so I enrolled the puppy in the class begins on 11/12. The class is supposed to teach basic commands such as sit, stay etc.and also provides for some socialization with other dogs. I am hoping that the puppy can learn some basic manners as a result.