• lhansen1

    March 31, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Hello all,

    Also new here and trying to learn how to use online training lessons. I have been reading each triangle lesson and have gotten through quite a few lessons. However whenever I log off or get logged off and need to log back in…I don’t know how to quickly get back to whatever page / lesson I was at. Any suggestions? I have been starting over at beginning each time but quite time consuming to find where I left off…. I have a 10 month old GSD mix rescue dog. Thankfully I found this site first day we brought her home last week and have to say, I am pretty amazed at how well she is doing by following this foundation style guides and lessons. It is amazing how well she has accepted me as the pack leader in such a short time. Very impressed with this site and lessons. Just need to find a quicker way to return to page I was on when logging back in. Thanks!