• Hayne

    December 1, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    I know there is a mild joke about the Koehler method being the “yank – n – crank method but it does produce reliable results, even though it is for the most part becoming outdated.
    The one major drawback I saw was the lack of enthusiasm displayed by the dog. At different times I’ve been able to watch dogs that were trained with different methods show a lot more playful enthusiasm while maintaining a high level of obedience. The Koehler method can produce an obedient dog with a lot of correction fear if the dog owner tends to strong arm the corrections.
    I may not be explaining this very well but I still want to have a happy go lucky dog after training is complete; my last pit had excellence obedience on and off leash with the Koehler method but he totally lost that playful spirit over a period of years. Hopefully my new buddy “Charlie” and I will avoid that this time.
    Thanks for the advice