• Chris Duonola

    December 2, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Hello Hayne,

    That is what make this style of training different. we use possitive reinforcement, with the most minimal amount of correction. We use the least amount of a correction that is needed to get a result. Dogs that are trained by “Foundation Style” dog trainers will never show that lack of playful spirit you talk about. We do not over work the dogs and we always make it an enjoyable expierence. When a dog comes to see a “Foundation Style” dog trainer they come in with a low wagging tail and get all excited. RESPECT comes first for our dogs. Unlike the Koehler method, we even introduce a warning “No” to give the dog a second chance to avoid the correction and no matter what, they always get praise..
    You will never see a “Foundation Style” dog trainer disrespecting dogs and over correcting them. In fact, we usually have owner’s practice on us first, so they don’t start over correcting their dog.

    Read through the triangle first, and then move on to the videos.. if you stick with this style of training, Charlie will keep his spirit throughout his training and his life.

    Keep us updated and always feel free to ask questions if you need to trouble shoot something, etc.