• Michael D'Abruzzo

    December 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    A big difference you will find with this method as compared to William Kohler style training is the use of more positive reinforcement based training in the earlier stages, the use of softer level corrections and fair warnings to the dog.

    Especially since you have a pup I would concentrate on teaching all the commands with strictly positive reinforcement first and don’t stress about reliability around distractions just yet. The more the pup wants to do the obedience – the easier it will be later on and the less stressful for both you and the pup.

    Also very important is the information in the pack structure section. I can’t stress how important it will be to follow those theories. It will help the dog to more naturally understand his role as the follower and more importantly it will communicate to him that you want the role of the leader in a gentle way that he will understand.

    Also, following those rules will help set the stage for better obedience since it will put you in control of the top three motivators – affection, toys, and food. If you are not in control of these things they become less valuable to the dog in training.

    I would also strongly suggest getting started on the “out” command through tug exercises. The quicker you get in control of the bite the better and easier for future training.