• Jose Moreno

    September 7, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!! You are right! We are all super passionate about dogs and are here to help improve the standards of dog training and communication with dogs.

    Im assuming youve gone through the triangle, are applying all the information found there, and that youre in phase 1 with your dog. Remember, obedience is near the top of the triangle and the foundation must be set for your dog to reach his full potential once you arrive at the obedience section.

    Assuming that, the way to tell if youre ready to move into phase 2 is:

    -Have you gone through all the commands you want to teach and is your dog doing them consistently for a treat? Were not looking for perfection but atleast for the dog to have an understanding of the command. 8/10 times fo repeating a command consistently for a treat is a good number. If my dog is doing the command that consistently then he might be ready to go to phase 2.

    -As the last command for phase 1; have you taught the “climb” command and begun teaching the command sequence (see video on “teaching the climb command”)? The “climb” command acts as a springboard into phase 2 and helps the dog understand the concepts of the training and the command sequence.

    If your dog has a grasp on all of that and you have an understanding of the command sequence and have begun applying it then youre ready for phase 2 🙂