• Tracylove

    November 13, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Jocomoreno…I live in the Hudson Valley of NY…hard to believe there’s another Staffie named Raisin! Although he really kind of does look like a Raisin…

    Anyway…to answer your questions, Mike…

    He has always had access to furniture and my bed, since I have joined the site and watched your videos, etc., I am adjusting that, but it’s taking time. I do still allow him on the furniture, but not when he asks, only if I invite him. That takes a lot of reinforcing still, as it’a a major change, and he has pretty much “owned” everything in the house for a little while. He even was “doing” the garbage and bathroom…stealing the toilet scrubber and plunger and throwing them around the house…very funny to watch but not at all good behavior I know. Since I’ve started with your program, even gradually as I have, he is more respectful and it’s easier to manage him when he gets worked up like that. Obviously the easy solution is to hide the plunger, toilet scrubber, and garbage can, but he can then just find other things to do.

    He is affectionate, although it seems more needy than affectionate. He always wants to be near me, follows me around the house and if given his choice he would always lay on top of me, like on my lap or at least his paws on me. Since I’ve withdrawn constant affection, he wants it more but is more polite about it. He’s also mouthing less, but mouthing is a major issue I’ve had with him, in fact he plain old bites. Not just the incidents I’ve had where he bit me, but in everyday life he’s always biting at me. He used to attack my feet when I’d get to the bottom of the stairs…I think I’ve finally broken this habit as it was intolerable. I am well aware he has the restless spirit going on, but it’s really hard to fulfill him when every time we go outside just in my yard, he’s freaked out and wants to go in. He does get quite a bit of exercise, there are a few hundred acres where we go walking every day, and when we’re out he’s happy and relaxed, and gets his running time in. But even long walks aren’t enough, he seems frustrated most of the time.

    He definitely lets me now when he needs to go out. Since he’s been so high maintenance, I give him raw bones often, which make him quite thirsty, so he in turn needs to go the the bathroom a lot. I’ve cut way back on those now, and he gets them only occasionally, which makes life much easier. I can certainly beat him to the idea of going out.

    His favorite games, aside from counter surfing and doing the bathroom, are tugging and fetching. It’s REALLY hard, if not impossible sometimes, to get him to drop a toy though. And if he’s stressed or worried about other dogs or noises around the yard, it’s hard to get him to engage in play, he just wants to stand with his hackles up and be freaked out. Then, once we get inside the house, he’s more comfortable and wants to play wildly indoors, which my little dog Carly doesn’t like, as he often runs into her and gets too rough. So I try to keep him low key inside, as that’s usually how they get into scuffles. I live on a farm, and there’s a lot of space but there’s always someone or some dog around nearby, and I have no fenced in area, and at this point there’s no possibility for that. I will be moving soon.

    He loves all toys, but no longer has free access to them.

    Regarding his eating…a trainer I worked with taught me to feed him out of a pouch while we walk…he has to do something for every bite, and it has worked very well. As soon as he doesn’t come running when I call, he’s sated for the time being. So he’s trim and eats everything I give him throughout the day, rather than a large amount at once.

    Sorry for the long description, but he’s a complex guy, and I hope this helps you to help me!

    Thanks so much!