• Tracylove

    November 12, 2012 at 10:14 am

    It is just initial aggression in all situations. Once the visitor has entered the house, Carly often jumps up on them for attention (she’s small and stops when asked so it’s not been too much of a problem). Raisin can be calmed down after a minute, and I can even get him to lie down on leash next to me after the initial trauma of the knocking or doorbell and entry, although if he sees the visitor through the door he lunges and growls at the door. But once I’ve gotten them settled it can be ok, assuming nobody was bitten in the process! At times I just put him in his crate, and when I do that he literally screams. It almost seems more traumatic for him to be put away.

    It’s the same thing with other dogs and humans…the initial meeting he is defensive, he especially hates when other dogs look him in the eye. If they don’t look, he will stare them down for a bit, then settle down if they avoid eye contact, and then he can even be cool to go for a walk together on leash. With people I ask them to ignore him completely, and if they both are ok with it after a few minutes, I will have the person give him a treat, then they can pet him. At that point, he really wants to be on top of them (either jumping, or stepping on their feet, wrapping his front paws around their leg in a bear hug like thing, or mouthing. Of course I don’t allow any of it, but he tries. It seems like he’s insecure and wants to dominate or own them…?