• mojomoo

    September 6, 2010 at 1:08 am

    Thanks for responding! It has always been a challenge with her getting her to calm down when greeting dogs and she has mostly gotten her way since she is strong and pulls me to them. I have tried the easy walk harness, head halter, slip leash, martingale, prong collar… you name it I’ve tried it but she still pulls and only when she wants to greet dogs. maybe I should just start turning her in the opposite direction until she can learn to behave? If it’s an older dog she still whines to greet them but she knows better than to act like she’s the boss. She has mainly grown up playing with older dogs and they have always put her in her place so maybe the younger ones she does feel more assertive?
    I will read what you suggested. This is her main downfall, she is a bit suspicious of men but I can seem to control that. Thank you so much again for responding and I think your training is great!