• mojomoo

    October 18, 2010 at 4:42 am

    A little update: She is doing ok with the heeling but we still need to do alot of work. I remind her by putting my leg out in front of her so she stays by my side. Classes are going really well, she wasn’t allowed to greet the other dog til they both were calm and once she gets her sniff in she follows commands well and can seem to ignore the other dog more. There’s a dog that hangs over the fence barking about 20ft. from class and she ignores him but yet we can be walking and another dog comes into view at about 50ft. and she gets all excited and very vocal! I can get her in a sit but she sure voices her opinion. It surprises me that the other dogs so far never really take notice of her behaviour, do other dogs know when it’s excitement and she doesn’t mean any harm? What’s so frustrating is I can walk by cats on the same side of the sidewalk and she is interested a bit but not reactive but other dogs, geesh!