• mojomoo

    September 28, 2010 at 5:25 am

    Good video! I have to work on the heel more than I realize in the yard then on our walk. She starts an obedience class tomorrow but I wonder if it’s too early yet for getting her to heel when she meets up with the dogs in class, I can guarantee the “heel” will go out the window. It’s getting easier putting the head halter on her, her confidence is back, and she’s back to pulling her stunts again,like bolting to sniff the ground and refuses to move her head until she finally gives in with the pulling on her nose towards me, her heads up when walking again and shes as proud as ever. I truly like her zest for life and her being confident but she could bring it down a notch or two. I’ll keep working on that heel for sure. Why do you have to live so far away!lol