• JordanhowellWSA

    April 1, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    The vet didn’t find much. From the little bit of blood they took and the near non existent fecal specimen all they found out was that he had “kennel cough” and worms but they didn’t know what worms he had exactly and that was on saturday. This morning my sister in law went to let Samson out of his kennel, she gave him some water and let him outside to do his business. When she let him back in she tried to get him to jump up onto the couch but instead he laid down in front of my bedroom door and passed away. I called the vet to let her know what happened and she said it could be one of two things, either he had worms so bad that the Trifexis overloaded his system and caused him to pass or that he had an uncommon disease in boxers that causes them to have heart attacks sporadically. Samson was my best friend. I recently got out of the military and have had Samson since I got out. Samson, my daughter and I had to move to South Carolina from Florida because I couldn’t find work in the area we lived in while my wife stayed behind. We’ve been here for about a month and the first week Samson started showing signs of the kennel cough. Ever since it seemed to come and go, but he was my only friend here in this new town. My daughter and I are living with my wife’s family and it’s just been a hard adjustment. For other readers just be aware that Trifexis can make your dogs sick so be careful and mindful of your pets behavior after they take it. It took about an hour after taking it and that’s when Samson started becoming really sick. They offered to do an Autopsy but I had already buried him.