• DocWriter

    December 3, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Yes, Hugo is a keeper for sure!!
    Hugo pees in his crate maybe once or twice a month. I took his bedding out last week and he hasn’t peed since then – – sad thing is that it LOOKS so uncomfortable:( He hasn’t had any accidents in the house for quite some time! No, Hugo is NEVER left at home ‘roaming’ as we have three cats, and I’d hate to come home to an injured doberman after they’d ganged up on him!
    I’ll try putting him in the crate for a bit each day while I’m at home. I KNOW that he doesn’t WANT to be left in it… he never has! I’ve been told that many service dogs have problems when separated from their ‘charge’:) – that’s why he goes to boarding school every two months for a couple of days.
    I am the one in charge – – after me, comes my daughter. Sometimes Hugo wants to play and he’ll bring me one of his toys. I always say, “Not now, Sweetie… in a minute”. I wait a few minutes, and THEN engage him in some GOOD frolic!
    There are very few places I do not take him… beauty salons (too smelly) and to Karate classes (I don’t want him to see me ‘thrown around’ – part of his training is to remain with me if I fall. THAT would be very confusing for him!)
    Yes, Hugo is allowed on certain furniture, but ONLY if his blanket is on it AND he’s been invited!!
    I’m sure that separation anxiety is a great part of the problem… I think, also, that he just plain doesn’t WANT to be there!!
    I KNOW that he picks up on my emotions (not wanting to leave him) even though I try to be so nonchalant about it:)
    He went through the barking stage… was NEVER a chewer except for his own toys… knows what is expected of him – though he pretends to be deaf on occassion!
    His favorite foods are popcorn, carrots, and frozen brocolli stems.
    Hugo dislikes having a finger pointed at him… he’s natters about THAT!