• Chris Duonola

    August 25, 2009 at 3:26 am

    Hey Mike! When we eat dinner our dog Prelude is starting to “silently beg for food” right in front of us on the floor. She never barks or makes noise but she sits as close to us as she can and just waits. We NEVER give in and give her anything off the table and we try to ignore her but it can be a bit annoying. Sometimes we try to give her a chew bone but she just wants to wait for something to hopefully fall from our plates! Even though we can tolerate it now, I dont want her to continue to do this if we have people over. I could put her in her crate where she seems to be ok while we eat but i’d like to try to get around that since she’s in the crate while we are at work most of the day. I thought maybe teaching her “place” would be a good alternative. What should we do?