• Michael D’Abruzzo

    August 1, 2011 at 6:48 am

    God bless you for helping all those creatures! Everyone is lucky to have crossed paths with you!

    Thank you, for all the good info – gives a good starting point. After all, if we don’t understand what we are starting with it is very hard to make a plan. One thing you will find here is that we won’t ever make false promises or try to give people false expectations. If you expect too much from a behavioral special needs dog, you will ultimately get frustrated at either yourself or the dog. What you want to do here is take the hand that God dealt this dog and work with it the best you can,which i can see you have already done a lot.

    Resource guarding is mainly a genetic issue, therefore you can not ever expect to completely rid it from your boy. BUT, nature vs nurture definitely comes into play so the resource guarding can become out of control or very manageable depending on your plan (or lack of). The best plans will involve the combination of building confidence in your dog that there will not be a need to guard against you or the four legged members of the house, obedience exercises so you can guide your dog during potentially problem situations, and (as you are doing) a good management plan that keeps the dog out of trouble while you work on constantly improving the behavior. I saw you made a post in the restless spirit section (or anxiety) i think. That is going to be a huge factor in getting the most from this boy. We’ll see you over there.